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Bhawna Sharma, Founder and Managing Director of Artius

Bhawna Sharma

Founder & Managing Director
Artius Interior
 Products (P) Ltd.

Artius, an innovative enterprise in India, pioneers the use of patented glulam technology to craft exceptional timber windows, doors, and expansive structures for exclusive private residences. Established in 2011 by Ms. Bhawna Sharma, a seasoned entrepreneur with 18years of experience in high-tech and upscale industries, Artius stands as a testament to her visionary leadership. Ms. Sharma, a graduate in Communicative English with a post-graduation in Finance, co-promotes IDEAS DESIGN SOLUTIONS (IDS), a technology firm delivering design and manufacturing solutions to diverse mechanical industries in India.
Her pursuit of weather-sealed and thermally insulated timber windows for her own residence uncovered a substantial gap in the Indian market. Despite the country's fondness for wood, quality solutions for windows and doors were elusive. This realization led Ms.Sharma and her husband to establish a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Gurgaon (New Delhi), equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. This facility now stands as a unique entity, not only producing top-tier timber windows and doors but also crafting large, wide glulam structures—an accomplishment previously deemed unattainable in woodwork.
Artius specializes in creating bespoke Mountain Homes, Beach Homes, Large Family City, and Farm Houses, providing end-to-end services from conceptualization to execution. Ms. Sharma’s expertise in interior design further bolsters Artius' reputation as a trust worthy fenestration consultant, dedicated to delivering on promises. Her contributions to the industry were recognized when she received the "Outstanding Female Entrepreneur in Manufacturing for the Year 2015" award from Shri. Kalraj Mishra, Cabinet Minister, Department of MSME, Government of India.

Ms. Bhawna Sharma


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