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Artius @ Acetech 2017, Mumbai

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Artius Display @ Acetech 2017 Mumbai

Mumbai was a new city for us. Though we were extremely excited to be in "the city of dreams", it was a bit scary as well. We had heard that the city does not give a second chance!!. We had to be at the top of our game to attract the attention and that is what we did. What a great week!!

The challenge was to be able to build a 1500 sqft home complete with luxury interiors and fitted with various window and door systems. Timber homes have usually been associated with small hut like buildings with low ceilings, small windows and doors, too much wood everywhere. Although they look nice and cozy to begin with but one tends to loose the charm over time as too much wood becomes overbearing. We wanted to showcase our capabilities to build luxurious modern timber frame homes that offered high ceilings and large glass areas.

It was a sprint to the finish line as we only had 4 days/nights to put everything in show ready state. The work started way back in the month of Sep in our factory where we manufactured all our Glulam beams, columns, walls, roof etc and did a dry run of fitting the entire structure to weed out any issues

The work at the exhibition grounds went more or less smoothly with some minor hiccups and we were ready to welcome the visitors on time thanks to our team of highly efficient works-men who worked tirelessly to put everything together.

We had collaborated with some like minded companies to give our structure a feel of home. Our partners for the show were Ansavv ( for interior furniture and decor, Luxaddi ( for decorative lighting and Designer Landscapes for outdoor plants and furniture. We would also like to mention that all the wood used in or display came from sustainably managed British Columbian forests, Canada courtesy BCFII ( We thank all the partners for their invaluable contribution to making the display look fab !!

The show started on 02nd Nov and frankly speaking the 4 days of the show went by in a jiffy. Our sales team and our partners from Hyderabad were all charged up and we hope that we did a good job of explaining our home and window/door systems to anyone who was interested. The show went really well with architects, designers, visitors and even our co-exhibitors really appreciating our products and the display.

The cherry on the cake was when we were adjudged the best display in the show by eminent jury of architects and designers and were awarded the Platinum Award for best display. The judgement was based on the criteria of best product, best innovation, best team knowledge and best display and space utilization of the booth. We were told that the jury was unanimous in all these criteria. Now that is a lot of encouragement !!

Now that the show is done with and we have had time to rest our aching legs/backs and sour throats, we thank all who visited us for stopping by and are ready with all the vigor to followup on any inquiries or requirements you may have for us.

Think Green - Think Wood

Kindly get in touch with us at or +91.8468830002, +91.8468830001

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