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Artius Glulam Mass Timber Home in Goa
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rekindle your romance with wood


Artius Customised wooden louvered facades for a Farmhouse in Delhi


Since our inception in 2011 Artius has been working aggressively to change the traditional way of working with wood. We started our endeavor with re-engineering the design and manufacturing process for wood windows and doors. The objective was to create a green product that overcomes all the problems associated with the traditional wood windows and offer unmatched functionality and usability that was missing in the windows being made in India. We are the first and only company in India using Artius Glulam Technology (TM) to make our window and door sections.



Wood is both universal and unique. No other material is as deeply embedded in the history, culture and life of humans worldwide as wood, yet every single piece of wood is unique. The color tone, texture, durability, flexibility and even sound qualities of different tree species have puzzled and challenged artists, architects, designers, builders and artisans for thousands of years.

Still today, nothing matches wood in versatility or beauty, so it is great to see how today’s designers and architects continue to face the challenge of wood, and use it creatively to interpret sleek, modern designs.

They use wood to meet their current needs and desires for which wood is ideally suited. People seek calm surroundings, simplicity and minimalism to soothe their frayed nerves and to counter the constant visual overload they face. Wood’s warmth and natural beauty works wonders for creating a sense of balance and calm.

People also look for sustainable alternatives, eco-friendly options, greener solutions. When harvested, managed and used sustainably, forests are still the source of the greatest material on earth.

Wood as a material has held a charmed place in architecture and design for both its simplicity and complexity. It lends itself to imposing, bulky structures, yet also yields to delicate, undulating forms that seem lacy and transparent

We love this lightness and elegance, the play of light and shadow, the countless tones of color that can be achieved with skilful use of wood both structurally and decoratively. Wood is not trendy yet it is incredibly cool. It is a demanding, noble, ancient, living material that we have the privilege to use and enjoy. 

greenest most sustainable building material


Artius  20-foot-tall solid wood door, operable with one hand, combining beauty with functionality


Artius post and beam timber home





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Artius Interior Products (P) Ltd

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